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Free, fast text access to hundreds of thousands of NMR, IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and mass spectra. Toggle navigation. Log In; Hello {{username}} Log Out; Cite Share Follow Feedback About John Wiley & Sons, Inc. SpectraBase; (accessed ). Free Spectral Database Free, fast text access to hundreds of thousands of NMR, IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and Mass Spectra. Search a compound by name, InChIKey, CAS Registry. Download free infrared spectra library compatible with your format (10 different formats, information about over 140000 IR spectra in over 80 databases.) Created by NICODOM Copuright NICODOM 200 Free database of IR, NMR, Raman, UV, and mass spectra of hundreds of thousands of spectra originally compiled by BioRad-Sadtler and now owned and supplemented by Wiley. Searchable by name, CAS-RN, InChI key. Sign up for free account to view full size spectra and details. You can box-zoom and overlay your own spectrum for comparison Also, you might already have an account, but UK academics can sign up for a free account at the Chemical Database Service of Daresbury laboratory. I haven't used it for IR spectra (I mostly used.

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  1. This database contains gas-phase FTIR absorption spectra for over 5200 organic compounds compiled by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can track the compounds by their chemical structure, molecular formula, CAS registry number, and chemical name
  2. This site contains IR (gas phase mostly), Mass Spectra and a few UV-visible spectra. The database is searchable by name, full or partial molecular formula, and molecular weight. DO NOT use this database to compare IR's with your liquid-phase samples! Spectral Data Base System (SDBS) Sponsored by the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Japan Here you can find IR, MS, 13 C- and 1 H-NMR.
  3. NIST Chemistry WebBook Maintained by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), this database contains thousands of IR, Mass and UV/Vis spectra for organic and a few inorganic compounds. NMRShiftDB2 Open source database of NMR spectra covering approximately 43,000 compounds
  4. WEBSITES WITH FREE SPECTRAL LIBRARIES List of websites providing free FT-IR, near-infrared, laser-Raman, UV/VIS and atomic emission spectral libraries or related data


Access to this database is free of charge. However we request visitors to our database not to download more than 50 spectra and/or compound information in one day. All accesses are recorded. It is prohibited that you use any information of SDBS for profit-making or commercial use without obtaining proper permission from us Does anyone know a good and free online database of IR spectra? Question. 28 answers. Asked 3rd Feb, 2013; Pedro Molina; I need to assign some FT-IR spectra of my compounds (small organic) in. Names, 2-D Structures, Retention Indexes, Mass and IR Spectra data compiled by NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace director Quantitative Infrared Database Pamela M. Chu, Franklin R. Guenther, George C. Rhoderick, Walter J. Lafferty Evaluated Infrared Reference Spectra Coblentz Society, Inc. IARPA / PNNL Liquid Phase IR Spectra Tanya L. Myers, Russell G. Tonkyn, Ashley M.

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Spectroscopy Ninja: free optical spectroscopy software Spekwin32. Multi-format spectrum viewer. Conversion, visualisation and parallel processing of multiple UV-VIS, NIR, FTIR, IR, Raman and fluorescence spectra from many different file formats, e. g. JCAMP-DX, Thermo Galactic GRAMS spc, JASCO, Shimadzu, Ocean Optics, CSV, ASCII, Varian Cary 50, Perkin Elmer, Avantes Avasoft, Beckman Coulter. The IR Spectrum Table is a chart for use during infrared spectroscopy. The table lists IR spectroscopy frequency ranges, appearance of the vibration and absorptions for functional groups. There are two tables grouped by frequency range and compound class. IR Spectrum Table by Frequency Range. Use this table when you already know the frequency of your material. Find the frequency range in the. Spectra. Chromatogram. GC-LC; Integrated exercises. EM NMR 1H; IR MS NMR 1H; IR NMR 1H 13C; IR. Exercises. Browse Spectra; Determine structure; First Defender; IR viewer; Spectra comparator; IV. IV viewer; Mass. Advanced analysis. Advanced MF from monoisotopic mass; Mass spectrum peak picking; MF from MM (all elements) Petroleomics; Polymers. Nevertheless infrared spectroscopy can be successfully used for analysis of inorganic compounds and a spectral database can be very helpful here, as shown in this work. The purpose of this work was to build a representative collection of IR spectra of inorganic compounds to allow comparison of unknown inorganic sample with the database and identification of unknown inorganic sample

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EuroPharm Database: L30028: 1.979 ATR-FTIR spectra of IR-relevant substances as described in the Reagents section of the European Pharmacopeia (7th edition) and other relevant active substances and aids commonly used in pharmaceutical formulations.This database was especially developed for the raw material identification and quality control in European Pharmacies. (Spectra are included in. Ice analogs database This database contains the infrared spectra of laboratory analogs of interstellar ices. Mass spectral databases Simple search of mass spectral databases. METLIN The Metabolite Database is a repository for mass spectral metabolite data. All metabolites are neutral or free acids. Scripps, US Wiley's Spectral Libraries Wiley is the leader in spectral data with over 2 million spectra—the world's largest collection—including IR, MS, NIR, NMR, Raman, and UV-Vis. Their high-quality spectral libraries are ideal for the interpretation, identification, verification, and classification of spectra. Category Products IR Spectral Databases (IR, FT-IR, ATR) [ The IRUG Spectra Database Index lists all spectra in the database. IRUG Interactive Spectrum; IOF00018: IR: Linaloe Oil, Linaloe Wood Oil, Lignaloe Oil: Oils and fats (OF) (deYNG) IOD00196: IR: Cochineal, Area 2 : Organic dyes and pigments (OD) (PMA) IPR00044: IR: Ivory, Elephant, African: Proteinaceous materials (PR) (FGA) IWX00104: IR: Beeswax, Bosnia: Waxes (WX) (HNM, IFS) INR00131: IR. Dr. Hanst Gas Spectra Database: L70063-1/2: 393 IR spectra of gases and vapors including those normally encountered in the environment and in industry. Gases such as CO2, CO, NO2, NO, methane, dimethyl ether, etc. Vapors are the gaseous phase of compounds that normally are liquids or solids, such as water, methanol, pentane, and diethyl ether. The spectra are supplied with a spectral.

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Infrared and Raman Users Group Spectral Database. Infrared and Raman Users Group, 2007. Web. <www.irug.org>. IRUG Regional Chairs. North & South America Beth Price Philadelphia Museum of Art T: +1 215 684 7552 F: +1 215 684 7550 Email: bprice@philamuseum.org. Europe, Africa Boris Pretzel Victoria & Albert Museum T: +44 (0)20 7942 2116 F: +44 (0)20 7942 2092 Email: boris.pretzel@vam.ac.uk. Asia.

Hundreds of thousands of free spectra available to look up NMR, IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and mass spectra by chemical name, synonym, CAS Registry Number, or InChIKey. Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS . About two-thirds of the compounds in this database from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan) contain 6 - 16 carbon atoms. Lab measurement details. Infrared spectra library. IR spectra. FTIR spectra database chemicals, polymers, pharmaceutical, drugs, forensic, hazardous, explosives, pesticides. Home Pricelist Downloads Ordering Info Raman Page Nicodom Page. Spectra Database - over 160000 spectra (FTIR, Raman, NIR) in over 100 Spectral Libraries . Spectral Libraries - FTIR, Raman and NIR Spectra in all digital formats . NICODOM FTIR.

These data are highly useful for the development and the validation of atmospheric models. The Library of Analytical Resources (LAR): This database provides infrared, UV and mass spectra of atmospheric key species as well as mass spectra of derivatives at mid to high resolutions. Most of the spectra are calibrated to allow for quantification of. The irAnalyze software from LabCognition provides automatic IR frequency detection and functional group assignments for Infrared spectra based on a set of more than 1000 interpretation rules out of the classical organic chemistry. Request for your free, fully functional 30 days trial version, of the software including all available add-on modules..please submit your request. IR offers a non-destructive spectroscopy method with numerous key applications in the industrial, chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food and agriculture, metals and mining industries. These techniques provide the ability to quickly inspect and perform untargeted and targeted analysis on compounds and mixtures with minimal handling of samples #Shimadzu #FTIR #spectroscopy #softwareSUBSCRIBE to get more tips on chemistry guideFollow me on Twitter at chemfunmanVIDEOS ON CHEMISTRY TECHNIQUES IN THE L..

These spectra represent both free and HCl complexed forms of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, intermediates, excipients, and fillers. It is ideal for Forensic FT-IR users and those in need of a database suitable for general reference in academic and industrial FT-IR labs. Drug Chemical Name Index. FDM Raman Databases for ACD/Labs. FDM Raman Spectra of Organic. This database has been described in the article called ATR-FT-IR spectral collection of conservation materials in the extended region of 4000-80 cm -1 Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2016, 408 (13), pp 3373-3379. If you need to cite this database then please cite this article ir spectra free download. Jmol Over 10,000,000 page views! Jmol/JSmol is a molecular viewer for 3D chemical structures that runs i With The Free Aioob XML Editor, you can edit XSL, XML, XSD, XSLT and FO documents. The Aioob XML Database converter can convert almost any data source (i.e. Text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases, FoxPro 2.x, ODBC data source e.t.c) into XML

The spectra were originally acquired at 2 cm-1 spectral resolution and then mathematically deresolved when converted to Thermo Scientific Omnic library format. The chemical name and grade, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Services) registry number, common usage and any additional names, when known, are stored with the library spectra Innumerable IR spectra have been measured since the Coblentz collection was published in 1905 and many catalogs (printed collections and, further, computer IR databases) have been developed. These experimental data were very useful in the structure elucidation process, and many studies have been conducted on the relationships between various organic functional groups and their absorption bands. Ir Spectral Database Freeware CheatBook-DataBase 2005 v.1.0 CheatBook- DataBase 2005 is a freeware cheat-code tracker that makes hints and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, Playstation, Playstation 2 , Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color , Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo) 2D 1H-13C gHMBCAD spectrum measured in CDCl3 at 298 K on a Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz spectrometer equipped with a QCI 1H/13C/15N/31P proton-optimized quadrupole inverse cryoprobe with 1H and 13C cryochannels, using standard pulse sequences and processing routines available in Bruker TopSpin 3.6.2. 1D 1H and 13C NMR spectra are referenced to the CDCl3 residual signals (δ = 7.26 ppm and 77.

Now Free! Special Databases - Biometrics; Selected NIST-Recommended Practice Guides in Material Sciences; Download NIST Simulation of Electron Spectra for Surface Analysis at no cost. The surface databases provide data for surface analysis by Auger-electron spectroscopy (AES) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). In addition, the NIST. Atomic Spectroscopy Intro - Outlines basic atomic physics concepts, explains terminology and notation. ASD Intro & Contents - Introduction to and contents of the Atomic Spectra Database. Bibliography - Bibliography of data sources used for this database. Help - On-line help in using the database We celebrate uploading a FREE spectral database of the pigments in Pigments Checker (powder (no binder), and with acrylic binder), This means we expect to have the same reflectance spectrum as well as infrared photography on pigments laid with an acrylic binder as for egg tempera, oil and gum arabic. Paint's support. Pigments are applied on a pure cel­lu­lose water­color paper, acids. Available spectra may include mass spectrum, 13C and 1H NMR, IR, Raman, and ESR. This free web site is maintained by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. NIST Chemistry WebBook. Mass spectra, IR, and UV/Vis spectra may be included in the record for a chemical substance on this free web site maintained by the U.S. National Institute of Standards. Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS) è un sito free gestito dal National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. SDBS è un sistema integrato di database di spettri di composti organici e, in molti casi, contiene l'interpretazione dei picchi assegnati di 33.000 composti. Ad aprile 2007 erano presenti circa 23.700 spettri di massa, 12.70

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Free online sources are also shown when applicable. Browse the index of spectra types using the Guide Contents link on the top right of this page. You can also begin with the Standard Sources list on this page. For assistance locating spectral data, see Tips for Locating Spectral Data below or contact askchem@library.wisc.edu Reaxys includes Substance Property Data and Spectral Data abstracted from literature back to 18th century. ChemSpider. Access to a wide range of spectra: IR, HNMR, C13 NMR, UV-Vis, electron impact, and mass spectra. NIST Chemistry WebBook. IR spectra for over 7500 compounds, Mass spectra for over 10,000 compounds, UV/Vis spectra for over 400 compounds, Electronic and vibrational spectra for. Thermo Scientific FT IR and FT Raman libraries are available in high resolution format featuring 2 cm-1 data spacing. The following libraries are available to all FTIRsearch.com account members. Please note that the free demonstration for non-members is made up of a substantially smaller subset of these collections; however, the spectra were selected from the full collections

OPUS Viewer: OPUS Viewer is a free program that can open all kinds of Bruker's OPUS, JCAMP-DX and Galactic Grams files while data processing and evaluation is not possible. It allows you to display spectral data (spectra, interferograms etc.) as well as other data saved together with the spectrum such as reports with evaluation results, measurement parameters, audit trails, signatures etc OMNIC Specta Software creates a database of spectral data through is a unique combination of spectral identification tools, interpretation algorithms, and scientific documentation that indexes information on your hard disk. The software guides you in identifying materials and verifying assumptions—eliminating typical analytical tasks—so you get answers quickly and confidently The database is searchable by compound name, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula and NMR, IR or MS peaks. The database is free to the public, but users are asked to download no more than 50 spectra per day without specific permission of the site owners Free databases on the web. There are also some completely free chemical databases in the web. If you know of other databases and you would like to have them listed here, contact CSC Service Desk. NIST Chemistry webbook - Structures, spectra, properties. Pubchem, hosted by NCBI - Structures, properties, structural searches, etc. PDB Protein Database; ZINC - A free database for virtual screening.

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Gasmet Technologies GmbH . Ostring 4, 76131 Karlsruhe. Tel.: +49 721 62656-0 USt-IdNr.: DE143590936 sekretariat@gasmet.co The near infrared spectral library IS NIR Spectra is a unique collection of NIR (near infrared) digital spectra. The spectra have been collected in range 4200-10000 cm-1 (=2.4 - 1 micrometers). IS NIR Spectra is the biggest and newest NIR library available on the market. This spectral library has been designed for users who use their NIR spectrometer not only for quantitative and.


  1. Q1-7 Can I use the spectra and /or compound information in commercially profitable publication? Please contact us. See [Contact] for contact details. Q1-8 Can you provide spectra as digital data? We basically do not provide the spectral data in such format. Q1-9 Search results with chemical structures seem to be nice
  2. Pigments Checker Free Spectra Database is an ongoing project to thoroughly characterize each pigment in the collection with a series of spectroscopic and imaging techniques and to make the data open access. Future analysis with FT-IR and XRD will be pursued in order to achieve a broader characterization of the pigments. Spetra were acquired with 3 different laser excitations . In the.
  3. erals published elsewhere during the last 60 years. Each spectrum is accompanied with analytical data on the reference sample, its occurrence and general appearance, associated
  4. ing where a chemical bond will absorb are the bond order and the types of atoms joined by the bond. Conjugation and nearby atoms shift the frequency to a lesser degree. Therefore the same or similar functional groups.
  5. Sigma-Aldrich is pleased to offer these easy-to-use spectral library software programs that are more powerful than a printed book, allowing text and data field searching and the manipulation, printing, and exporting of spectra from the following spectral library types: ATR-IR, FT-IR, FT-NMR as well as optical and mass spectral libraries
  6. e classifications and serve as the source for the composition, properties, and use of each adhesive and sealant. Additional Information Each compound is listed by its commercial or trade name as given by.
  7. Infrared Spectra of Aqueous Solutions / 74 1.12. Complexes of Oxalato and Related Ligands / 79 1.13. Complexes of Sulfate, Carbonate, and Related Ligands / 84 1.14. Complexes of b-Diketones / 96. v. 1.15. Complexes of Urea, Sulfoxides, and Related Ligands / 105 1.16. Cyano and Nitrile Complexes / 110 1.17. Thiocyanato and Other Pseudohalogeno Complexes / 120 1.18. Complexes of Carbon Monoxide.

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  1. PRINCIPLE Infrared spectroscopy is based on a simple fact that a chemical substance shows marked selective absorption in IR region. After absorption of IR radiation the molecules of chemical substance vibrate at many rates of vibration giving rise to closely packed absorption spectrum called as IR absorption spectrum which may extend over a wide wavelength range. REQUIREMENTS
  2. d is that a successful interpretation is based not only on the presence of particular bands within the spectrum, but also the absence of other important bands. Complete classes of compounds can be rapidly excluded during the interpretation by the use of no-band information. It must be understood that this article addresse
  3. A trillion rows per second ingest and query processing. Rowstores & Columnstores available. Maximum speed, scalability, and concurrency. Free Forever. Get it today
  4. Full version: Searchable FTIR spectral library compatible with your spectroscopic software. NICODOM IR Polymers All Package . 6701 spectra consists of 4 independent libraries: NICODOM IR Polymers and Additives, 3954 spectra. NICODOM IR Coatings (Industrial Paints), 890 spectra. NICODOM IR Fibers, 457 spectra. NICODOM IR Dyes and Pigments, 1400.
  5. Browse index and search for UV, IR, 13C NMR, 1H NMR, MS, and Raman peak values. Contains references to source spectra from Sadtler and other older compilations. TIPS: Use the Browse Index tool to see what peak values are listed in the database and how many compounds are associated with each entry. Clicking on values places them in the search.
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Here we talk about FTIR Spectral Library - database of infrared spectra collected by FTIR instruments. Some IR spectroscopists create their own spectral library. This is usefull if one works with limited number of compounds, for example in QC laboratory of company manufacturing 100 products or if you want to study newly synthetized or very unique compounds which are not present in any. part no. Transmission FTIR Spectra Spectra 10001 FDM FTIR Polymers & Polymer Additives 581 10002 FDM FTIR Organics 950 10003 FDM FTIR Surfactants 430 10004 FDM FTIR Minerals & Inorganics 310 10005 FDM FTIR Drugs 3750 10009 FDM FTIR Bundle I (5 databases) Includes: FDM FTIR Polymers & Polymer Additives FDM FTIR Organics FDM FTIR Infrared Spectral Library Loe edasi

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Infrared Spectroscopy. 1. Introduction As noted in a previous chapter, the light our eyes see is but a small part of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. On the immediate high energy side of the visible spectrum lies the ultraviolet, and on the low energy side is the infrared. The portion of the infrared region most useful for analysis of organic compounds is not immediately adjacent. Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)- Search by name, molecular formula, molecular weight range, or CAS Number through over 14,000 full 1 H NMR spectra, 12,000 full 13 C spectra, and 50,000 full FT-IR spectra collected from over 32,000 compounds. BindingDB- Structure search over 24,000 K i and IC 50 measurements from over 10,000. Spectra Manager II is the latest version of the JASCO innovative cross-spectroscopy software platform. The approach of having a single platform for data analysis is a unique and powerful way to manipulate and display data from any JASCO spectroscopy system. UV/VIS/NIR, Fluorescence, FT/IR, CD, ORD, LD, Raman, FT-Raman Polarimeters and other. Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds. Provided by The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan ; NIST Webbook - contains IR spectra for over 5000 compounds, mass spectra for over 10,000 compounds, electronic / vibrational spectra for over 2000 compounds, constants of diatomic molecules (spectroscopic data) for over 600. An integrated spectral database system for organic compounds, which includes 6 different types of spectra under a directory database of the compounds. The spectra are EI mass, 1H decoupled 13C NMR, 1H NMR pattern (90 and/or 400 MHz), 1H NMR parameter (300 MHz pattern generated), FT-IR, laser-Raman, and ESR. Produced by the National Institute of.

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Multivariate Analysis for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra of Complex Biological Systems and Processes 193 original band half-width, this procedure introduces an enhancement of sharp lines, as those due to vapour and noise. For this reason, this analysis requires spectral data free of vapour absorption and with excellent signal to noise ratio The spectrum database will have to take the protection distance into account and actually add margin due to aggregate interference Figure 15.6 displays the infrared spectral database matching results of the nonsilicate bands showing that the foam is in fact a rubber blend that contains acrylonitrile as part of the formulation. Figure 15.5. Infrared spectrum of dampening foam. Figure 15.6. IR Reference Spectra of Pure and Mixed ices Mid-infrared reference spectra recorded by P. Gerakines in the 1990s during his graduate studies are available at the Internet Archive. These include IR spectra near 10 K for H 2 O, NH 3, CH 4, CO, CO 2, H 2 CO, CH 3 OH, N 2, and O 2, as well as various mixtures of these compounds. Spectra after far. The principal concern of this book is the use of vibrational spectroscopy as a tool in identifying mineral species and in deriving information concerning the structure, composition and reactions of minerals and mineral products. This does not mean that the approach is purely empirical; some theoretical understanding of the vibrational spectra of solids is essential to an assessment of the. In this video we will go through some IR spectra and figure out what they are! You can pause the video, practice figuring them out, then unpause and hear how..

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Gunasekaran S, Anbalagan G, Pandi S (2006) Raman and infrared spectra of carbonates of calcite structure, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 37, 892-899 Glass B P, Fries M (2008) Micro-Raman spectroscopic study of fine-grained, shock-metamorphosed rock fragments from the Australasian microtektite layer, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 43, 1487-1496 [view file To help in the process of being able to store the IR spectra recorded, two Pascal programs were written. The first to capture the files via the serial port (RS-232) and the second to display the data. For information on the first program, FTtoPC, and other DOS utilities to convert files obtained from various instruments to JCAMP-DX format, see our JCAMP-DX utility page. The original display. IR spectrum interpretation is a time consuming task for the analyst in his every day work. With LabCognition's irAnalyze the work load can be easily reduced. With irAnalyze the analyst produces reliable and high quality IR assignments quickly. In irAnalyze the expert spectroscopists' experience and knowledge of characteristic functional group frequencies, expected intensities and structure. IR Spectroscopy Tutorial: Amines. The N-H stretches of amines are in the region 3300-3000 cm-1. These bands are weaker and sharper than those of the alcohol O-H stretches which appear in the same region. In primary amines (RNH 2), there are two bands in this region, the asymmetrical N-H stretch and the symmetrical N-H stretch. Secondary amines (R 2 NH) show only a single weak band in. ATR-FT-IR spectra of conservation-related materials in the MID-IR and FAR-IR region. Home; Paint components . Pigments; Fillers; Binders; Pigment + linseed oil; Coating materials; Conservation materials ; Textile fibres; Publications; Contact; Acknowledgments; Home » Paint components » Fillers » Iron(III) oxide. Iron(III) oxide. ATR-FT-IR spectra of Iron(III) oxide (Fe 2 O 3) MID-IR region.

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FTIR Spectra Database Inorganic Art MaterialsOF Le Jeu de Colin-Maillard, Francisco de Goya 1746-1828 214 A ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY / MAY 1, 2003. MAY 1, 2003 / ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 215 A Spectra and information for conservators are now online. W orldwide there is great interest in con-serving cultural heritages, as well as in the restoration of many important works and buildings that. Watch Videos Try Origin for Free Buy Toggle navigation Importing Spectral Data . Typical file types for spectroscopy are supported in File > Import. Origin's many ASCII import options streamlines the importing of common instrument formats : Thermo Scientific (SPC,CGM) J-CAMP (DX, DX1, JDX, JCM) Princeton Instruments (SPE) Workbook Organizer panel shows workbook metadata. When importing. Please call (888) 326-8186 (USA only) or +1 (203) 628-4833 (International) or email info@czitek.com for detailed database contents, general questions, or a price quotation ATR FTIR Spectral Databases: ATR-FTIR Aldrich Spectra Database 18,513 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds from the Aldrich collection of the Sigma-Al Infrared Spectroscopy 1. Introduction The light our eyes see is but a small part of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. On the immediate high energy side of the visible spectrum lies the ultraviolet, and on the low energy side is the infrared. The portion of the infrared region most useful for analysis of organic compounds is not immediately adjacent to the visible spectrum, but is. Property data and numerical NMR, MS, UV and IR peaks for 29,000 organic compounds, with references to the handbooks where the spectra can be located. No actual spectra, but you can get NMR chemical shifts, mass spectral peaks and intensities, and peak values for IR, Raman, and UV/Vis

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Spartan is a molecular modelling and computational chemistry application from Wavefunction. It contains code for molecular mechanics, semi-empirical methods, ab initio models, density functional models, post-Hartree-Fock models, and thermochemical recipes including G3(MP2) and T1. Quantum chemistry calculations in Spartan are powered by Q-Chem.. Functional Group Frequency (cm-1) intensity; water OH Stretch: 3700-3100: strong: alcohol OH stretch: 3600-3200: strong: carboxylic acid OH stretch: 3600-2500: stron

IR_Spectrum_Acetaminophen | brennonInterpreting IR (Infrared) Spectra - YouTubeFT-IR spectra from picolitre-samples of proteinInfrared Spectroscopy | Teaching Resources
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