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Summary. Analysis. Miles attends his first class at Culver Creek and is surprised to find that all of the girls wear pajamas to class. He is overwhelmed by Madame O'Malley 's French class and worries that his school in Florida didn't prepare him for Culver Creek Before World Religions starts, Takumi and the Colonel mention to Miles that Alaska is upset on his behalf. They ask Miles to mark who hazed him on a makeshift seating chart. Kevin, one of the hazers, walks in and glares at the Colonel; Miles marks him off. The Old Man—Dr. Hyde—comes in Alaska plans a triple date for her and Jake, the Colonel and Sara, and Miles and Lara. 87 days before: Lara, Miles, the Colonel, Sara, Alaska, Jake and Takumi go on a triple-and-a-half date to a basketball game where Miles gets hit in the head with a basketball and gets a concussion. Sara breaks up with the Colonel Looking for Alaska - Before, Part 1, p. 4 - 21 Summary & Analysis. John Green (author) This Study Guide consists of approximately 47 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Looking for Alaska. Print Word PDF

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Meanwhile, Alaska and the Colonel send fake progress reports with failing grades to a number of Weekday Warrior parents. The next morning the group hangs out and gets drunk in a barn. They play a game called Best Day/Worst Day, in which each person tells the story of their best and worst day Despite being in a relationship, Alaska kisses Miles one evening as part of a game of truth or dare, and Miles feels the impulse to tell Alaska that he loves her. However, Alaska leaves to answer a phone call only to return in a state of hysteria. She will not say what is wrong, but she insists that she has to leave the campus. Though she is drunk and panic-stricken, she is so insistent that Miles and the Colonel let her go The group sleeps at the Smoking Hole over night. They spend the next day hanging out at the Smoking Hole. Takumi reveals his talent for freestyle rapping and the rest of the group attempts to imitate his skill. As they drink Alaska's supply of wine, they go around sharing the best and worst days of their lives Immediately preceding her death Pudge took control of his own life - making progress on his relationship with both Lara and Alaska, participating in the pranks, and finding the Great Perhaps. After her death, Pudge changes back to someone more concerned with the past and less focused on the moment at hand In the text exerpt from p. 84-99MIles and Alaska are staying at Culver Creek during the Thanksgiving vacation. they drink wine which Alaska has buried to hide it from the Eagle. she tells Miles that she bought it with her fake ID. She always buys some Vodka for the Colonel, too. Miles and Alaska spent a lot of time together

one hundred eight days before. Dr. Hyde asks Miles to stay after class and talks to him about being present both in class when he's in class and outside when he's outside Miles meets the Colonel (real name Chip Martin), Takumi, and Alaska Young. The Colonel grew up in a trailer park, Alaska and her dad don't get along (mystery alert), and Takumi is just kind of there for a while. The three take Miles (nicknamed Pudge because he's so skinny) under their wing and introduce him to the social order of campus, mischief-making, smoking cigarettes, and drinking. They have to avoid the Eagle—the aptly-named dean of the school—when they're creating mischief so.

While smoking cigarettes at the lake (not the Smoking Hole), Alaska, Takumi, the Colonel, and Miles are busted by the Eagle, who gives each one his patented Look of Doom. The Eagle expects to see them at Jury (a disciplinary hearing) the next day Alaska 's dad. According to Alaska, he blames her for her mother 's death. Along with Kevin, Longwell Chase throws Miles into the lake at the beginning of the school year. At the end of the year, he helps Miles convince the Eagle to hire Dr. William Morse for Speaker Day eighty four days before - A few days after the basketball game, the campus is inundated by a heavy, constant rain that lasts for several days, during which Chip indulges in video games, Miles keeps his distance from Lara, and Alaska keeps her distance from Miles. At one point, he finds her sitting by a window and starts asking her what`s going on, but she says she's not in a mood to talk, assuring him that her silence has nothing to do with him Looking for Alaska was published in 2005 by Dutton Children's Books. It was John Green 's first novel. Inspired by his own education at Indian Springs School in Alabama, the book is set at the fictional Culver Creek Preparatory School, an upscale high school fifteen miles south of Birmingham. The novels follows Miles Halter, a new junior at the. nine days after. After classes the Colonel announces that he has a theory about Alaska: someone calls (he thinks Jake, her boyfriend), they fight, she cries, she freaks out, and then she drives away. Miles doesn't want to believe this because Alaska was making out with him, not Jake

When the Colonel drunkenly realizes that Miles hooked up with Alaska, he tells Miles that things are not going to end well. Miles falls asleep and vaguely hears Alaska go answer the pay phone that is ringing in the hall. When she returns she is hysterically crying. She screams that Miles and the Colonel have to help her sneak off campus Looking for Alaska. John Green. Looking for Alaska John Green. Listen Download Save. Enjoy this free preview Unlock all 90 pages of this Study Guide by subscribing today. Get started . Summary. Chapter Summaries & Analyses. Chapters 1-5. Chapters 6-10. Chapters 11-15. Chapters 16-20. Chapters 21-25. Chapters 26-30. Chapters 31-35. Chapters 36-40. Chapters 41-45 Chapters 46-50. Chapters 51-55.

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Looking for Alaska Summaries; Page: 1; Words: 295; Downloads: 8 ; Disclaimer: This work has been donated by a student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. The novel, written by John Green gives the experiences of Miles Halter as a first-year student attending a private school. His mother organizes a send-off party for him though it is poorly attended. Looking for Alaska essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Looking for Alaska by John Green. The Boarding School Microcosm: The Unrealistic Portrayal of Real Life in the Institutions of Young Adult Literature; Looking for Alaska: Self-Destructive Behavio In the Best Day round, the stories are, for Miles, THIS day, Alaska's trip to the zoo with her mother when she was eight, Lara being the interpreter when her family moved to America (because she was the only one who spoke English), and Takumi's losing his virginity. For Chip, the best day is in the future - the day he buys his mother a nice house. For the worst day, the stories are, for Takumi, the day he watched his dead grandmother's body burn on a funeral pyre, a school humiliation for. This Study Guide consists of approximately 47 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Looking for Alaska. Miles and his family make their home in Florida. The fact that Miles can't wait to leave Florida to go to. Chapter 10 - One hundred days before Miles spends some time alone with Alaska and decides to ask her about her first name. Alaska explains that her parents could not agree on a name, so they decided to let her choose her own name when she is old enough to do so

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